If you're looking for quality, affordable 2 way radio solutions for your business or personal use, RadioMax Communications can offer you quality products from the best manufacturers.

Analog or DMR, simple or complex, we have the solution for you!
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We are now offering wide-area digital Tier 3 trunked 2 way radio & GPS service: to help meet the needs of today's business. With affordable solutions to buy outright, lease, or lease to own, we can provide you with quality equipment and service for any size fleet, large or small.


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We do more than just provide radios: We can maintain and repair all of your equipment, offering preventative maintenance service plans, or repairs on an as-needed basis at competitive rates.

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Hytera, Harris, & Tait 2-Way Radios, Wide-Area Push-To-Talk, GPS Fleet Management, WiMAX, Telephony and Custom, Scalable Communications Systems in Upstate NY. two way radios 2 way radios Rochester

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